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Art With Heart

By May 6, 2017 No Comments

ART WITH HEART – Field & Compass, Ltd.

Field Report No. 20170501RC

Topic: CHARTS Inaugural Benefit Art Sale, Friday 5/5 in Spokane
Conditions: Conscious, Connected, Community


COMMENTS: It’s the Monday morning before a brand new organization’s inaugural benefit art sale, and Denny Carman is beginning to hang the show, with help from fellow artist Christina Deubel. Or at least it’s a first draft. Paintings go up and come down as they feel out how the pieces will work together in the space.

We’re halfway up the Liberty Building in downtown Spokane, lofted above Auntie’s, Uncle’s and the rest of the spots housed here. As always, the sights and smells in the LB are of creativity, commerce, and local energy. Office dwellers above lean into their work week over hot coffee; the shops below are just opening up for the day.

Carman stops to talk with me for a few moments. On Friday night, he hopes to fill the place, and begin to fulfill the mission of CHARTS (Child Humanitarian Arts): connecting artists and art enthusiasts for the sake of children in the community. Along with local artist Tracy Dupuis Roland, Carman has gathered over thirty local visual artists who are willing to donate a piece to the sale, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery, a vital organization that works to prevent and respond to child abuse, keeping local kids safe and strengthening families.

VBCN’s work is is redemptive, and so is Carman’s story of overcoming deep challenges, pursuing his art, and starting CHARTS. A plumber by trade for 32 years, his oil-painting side project has now taken center stage, years after a career-ending back fracture and several years of painkiller-induced fog and darkness. Now full of purpose and energy, Carman is letting new light into his painting and the Spokane community.


“As far as I’m concerned, I got a second chance,” he says. “So this is something I get to do with it, along with so many others in the community who have stepped up.”

RECOMMENDATIONS: Head to the Liberty Building 7-9pm on Friday, May 5, 2017. The community of artists has lent their wares to help children (and even local spots like Egger’s Meats are donating food for the event). Why not step up yourself? RSVP on Facebook, adorn your house with something local (pieces range from $50 to $500), and empower kids and families in the Inland Northwest.

Ross Carper

See original article: http://www.fieldandcompass.com/reports-reviews-attractions/liberty-building-spokane-charts-benefit-art-sale-2017

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