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COCA Collision

September 5, 2013

“I am fascinated by the human form and human emotions.  My combination of color harmonies and textures are meant to create a mood.  The blending of graceful lines and shades in my paintings is what distinguishes my style.  Every line in my artwork has a specific purpose and my use of color is intended to connect to the viewer on a personal level.  Color speaks a language that is understood by all.  Sometimes even without notice, we are influenced by its power.  By transforming the human form into a minimal and easily accessible vision I am able to let colors take hold of my artwork and let the lines guide the wondering eye.   Our eyes respond to cognitive, emotional and sensory inputs.  This provides a window into our inner thoughts, feelings and ultimately our identity.  I often omit certain facial features such as the eyes or leave my figures completely faceless this is to allow the figure to connect with us on a human level without our own sense of identity playing a role.  “