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November 23, 2010

Rebecca is an American artist known for her bold and dynamic style.  She works in both watercolor and acrylic mediums.  She has been selling her artwork professionally in the United States for over seven years and has been painting all her life.  Rebecca has had many solo exhibitions and was an exclusive artist for the celebrated Gilmore Collective Gallery.  Her artwork has been featured in the media and proceeds from her artwork have supported charitable groups within the United States and now India.  She has been living in India for several years, where she has been working on her newest collection.

Artist Statement :  My painting, “Forever Changed” was created exclusively for this charity.  This painting demonstrates the immeasurable pride and hope that accompanies the transformation that takes place when an individual becomes a parent.  As a mother, I dream of my own daughter reaching her full potential.  By donating this work of art, I hope to help another mother or child realize this same dream.

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