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Jennifer Larue

May 01, 2013

In January of 2008, Rebecca Lloyd had her first art show at The Shop on Perry Street. The show included over a dozen pieces in acrylic paint, watercolor and mixed media in many different styles. There were boats in a harbor floating serenely, a geisha girl coyly wearing a hat, an urban nightscape with a hint of abstract, boldly brushed abstracts rich with shape and texture and drawings. Twenty-three at the time, Lloyd was finding her voice and visually recording her findings, a habit that began at an impressionable age. “I was antisocial and I used art as an outlet. When I’m painting, it’s that moment in time. It’s all I think about. It’s like meditation,” she says. Her mood dictates the final piece and results in an authentic expression of a moment in time.

A few years before her first show at The Shop, people had started showing interest in her work; she sold some to friends and acquaintances and did some commissioned pieces. After the show, she gained momentum and regularly began exhibiting her work.